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SunBerserker: over €33 million re-financing deal finalized WITH MPS CAPITAL SERVICES BANK FOR BUSINESS AND UNICREDIT

The funds will go to refinance the Group’s photovoltaic portfolio and contribute to the acquisition of new plants


Rome, June 30, 2022 – Undo Industrial Group, an independent energy producer specializing in renewable energy and precision engineering, has successfully closed a project financing of more than €33 million in axis with MPS Capital Servicies Banca per le Imprese and UniCredit. The transaction is aimed at refinancing the Italian photovoltaic portfolio, which consists of 39 plants, and at the same time will ensure a new cash injection that will lead to new acquisitions and investments envisaged in the business plan. All 39 refinanced PV plants are already operational, connected to the grid and with significant geographic diversification. These plants are operated by 19 SPVs and have a total capacity of 15.5 MW, so that the current portfolio has the potential to serve about 7,275 households, with CO2 savings of more than 12.768 thousand tons per year “Never as in this historical period the clean energy sector is proving to be more and more a strategic asset also due to (and unfortunately) the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia, aggravating the issues related to energy supply” – state Umberto Deodati, CEO and co-founder of the Group together with Giuseppe Monaco and Daniele Pistoia – “In this sense, the Group, in the face of the re-financing operation just concluded, can give a strong impetus towards the implementation of its development programs, increasing the production capacity to be made available in the territory.” The re-financing transaction, called Project Ahsoka Tano, involved both banks with equal shares as Mandated Lead Arrangers, Lenders and Hedging Bank. Under the financing, MPSCS also plays the role of Agent Bank, while UniCredit will also act in the role of Account Bank. The successful outcome of the refinancing goes a long way toward consolidating the Group’s strong partnership with key banking institutions. “The issue of renewable energies is of absolute topicality today and will be increasingly central to the energy policies of the near future.”- Declares Roberto Fiorini, Regional Manager Centre at UniCredit – “UniCredit has structured this operation with a leading operator in the sector, which has been operating with foresight for years in the construction and management of plants for the production of energy from renewable sources. This intervention is intended to be further concrete proof of our attention to the issue of sustainability and the instances of companies investing in this direction.” SunBersker is a company belonging to the UNDO Group, which has been active in the renewable energy sector since 2008. The Group’s core business is based on the construction, acquisition and management of renewable energy production plants throughout Italy: to date there are more than 80 of them throughout the country (photovoltaic and wind power plants with a capacity of more than 40 MWp). UNDO as of 2019 is also part of Borsa Italiana’s Elite program and reports a 2021 turnover of more than 20 million euros in revenues.