Three school friends found the first company starting with a capital of €4,800. The operational headquarters is a basement on the outskirts of Rome.
In its embryonic stage, UNDO is an engineering-based company in the field of energy efficiency. The first orders, in fact, are installations of window frames and solar thermal panels.


UNDO Adunanza s.r.l., to all intents and purposes the pioneer company of the Group, is born.
The society settles in Villa Adriana in Tivoli.


UNDO can finally count on a first owned 20 kWp plant.
Cellula is established and the sales network is born.

In the same year, the first proprietary 50 kWp energy-only plant was built, the company received its first large order (100KWp and €500,000) and worked on its first Industrial Plant.

The sales network for domestic installations is born, and finally UNDO extends its capabilities to the air conditioning sector.


The number of owned facilities continues to grow. During this year it will come to 11 for about 1 MWp. In 2012 Undo closes with Production Value over 6 M.

A new investment strategy in the field of self-building for PV systems in the primary sector is grounded.

In 2012 Undo closes with Production Value over 6 M.


UNDO Adunanza changed from being an S.r.l. to an S.p.A. This period also saw the first M&A (Mergers & Acquisition) transaction on the Secondary Market with bank Iccrea.

At the same time, construction work is completed on another 8 owned plants for 720 kWp. The company also further extends its capabilities in O&M (Operations & Maintenance).


UNDO starts and completes the construction of 2 plants with a capacity of 160 kWp (Danteflex).

It is a watershed year: the core business becomes industrial plant construction and the secondary market while activities pertaining to the domestic and air conditioning sectors are discontinued.


Development on the primary photovoltaic front begins, and UNDO’s activities extend to the mechanical sector as well.


Change the structure of the company. The demerger of Undo Adunanza S.p.A. takes place and Madre Holding S.p.A. is founded.


The new Holding Company for Greenfield, Ancora Holding s.r.l., is founded and the new production plant is purchased.


UNDO is included in Borsa Italiana’s ELITE program and adopts a code of ethics and an organizational model pursuant to Legislative Decree. 231/2001.


Through a bridge loan provided by MPS Capital Service of about 15million, the Group acquires new photovoltaic plants. In the same year, bond issues of EUR 4.5 million underwritten by Anthilia SGR are published. In the field of wind and photovoltaics, the company can count on two Project Financing with Iccrea Bank for about 5 million euros.

UNDO plant capacity grows by 6.5 MWp.


The Agricultural Society is founded, and the capacity of the plants increases again by 3.8 MWp.

A new €3 million bond issue is published. Through the RES1 incentive program, a new photovoltaic plant of about 20 MWp is developed. The company acquires, renovates, and expands new facilities of about 10,000 square meters into which it moves its operations.


A Project Financing of 70% of the group’s plant fleet is finalized, with a 33 M Unicredit and MPS CS pool transaction.


UNDO Group is turning 15 years old. With more than 80 photovoltaic and wind power plants owned and under management – for a capacity of olter 32 MWp and 250 MWp of developments, many companies covering the entire renewable energy supply chain, and a team of more than 90 people, it looks forward to the new challenges that the future offers it.

our mission

We advocate for a transition to a sustainable energy future

our partners

A transition to a sustainable energy future is only possible through teamwork.